As an apartment manager or apartment owner, you understand that the quality of living in your apartment is just as important as the cost. If your apartment building looks like it needs renovations from the outside, you’ll be less likely to attract new tenants. Most tenants start with the cost of the apartment as their primary concern, but they quickly move to quality as their primary way of judging your building.

Here are 5 apartment building renovation ideas that all apartments could implement in order to improve their quality:

    1. New Flooring – Flooring throughout your building is something your tenants will see every day. Ugly, dirty, and even broken floors all lead to a similar feeling: disgust. New flooring in your hallways, laundry room, and each of the tenants’ rooms will improve the building’s appearance and overall air quality. Some flooring options include:
      • Carpeting – Can be effective, but stains over time and holds all of the dirty smells in.
      • Vinyl – Arguably the most effective and cost-efficient flooring option out there.
      • Wood – Whether hardwood or just plain wood, these floors can be very effective and are often the most appealing option; however, they are also the most expensive option available.
    2. New Windows – New commercial windows can provide multiple benefits to you and your tenants, including:
      • Energy savings – The more energy efficient windows you have, the more savings you’ll find in the energy bill.
      • Comfort – Throughout your building you’ll find the temperature remains a little steadier because there are less heat transfers between inside your building and outside.
      • Aesthetics – New windows are always noticeable because of the vast customization options out there from tinting to films.
    3. New Doors – New commercial doors include all entrances to the building as well as the tenants’ doors. Some apartment owners have doors that get stuck, are excessively heavy, and other annoyances that cause tenants to become frustrated. Every part of your apartment adds to their living experience, and new doors can do just that.
    4. Fresh Paint Job – Your apartment’s walls are what make up the majority of the building. New paint jobs make the building seem brand new and for a fairly low cost. From the outside, you’ll draw eyes to your building and get the locals talking about your renovations. Be mindful of your color choice. We recommend sticking with a neutral color such as tan or gray.
    5. Upgrading Appliances – In most apartments, it’s up to the tenants to upgrade their appliances in their own spaces. However, laundry machines and HVAC systems are your decision. Upgrading to energy efficient washers and dryers can save a ton of money on your water and energy bills. I highly recommend upgrading your HVAC system to an energy efficient model because of the vast square footage you have to heat and cool every day. Combined with new commercial windows and doors, these can thousands of dollars by the time the year is up. It’s well worth the initial installation cost!

If you’re interested in commercial windows, doors, or storefronts, feel free to contact us for a free quote.