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Window and Door Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

During the summer, does your house, commercial space or office get hot and uncomfortable, no matter how much you adjust your thermostat? You may not even realize it, but cool air from inside your building could be leaking out through your doors and windows. Not only does this keep your building from reaching an ideal […]

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Tenant-In-Place Improvements during COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to upend everyday life, the multifamily apartment industry is evolving to allow itself to continue working safely, while still providing tenants the best possible living experience in today’s climate.  Owners and property managers are still performing regular duties, such as showing apartments and fulfilling maintenance requests.  However, it is anything […]


The Importance of Impact Windows in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)

What is an HVHZ? Regions that are particularly prone to hurricanes and wind-borne debris are called HVHZs. HVHZ stands for High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Because of this, it’s required that building materials meet certain standards.  HVHZs are part of the Florida Building Code. For a building to receive permit approval, the windows must be able […]


Aeroseal Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary

Aeroseal Windows & Storefront is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Founded in 1999 by Clayton Fisher, Aeroseal is a family-owned and operated exterior improvement contractor based in Jessup, Maryland. Clayton started Aeroseal to fill what he observed to be a market need for tenant in place window replacement services for multi-family properties. Clayton built the business on […]