When people think windows and storefront, their first thought is generally about the exterior of a building. Of course, these windows and storefronts are extremely important when it comes to appearance and functionality. Interior windows and storefronts, on the other hand, are a huge determinant of the environment in which you are trying to create inside of your building. In addition, interior glass windows and doors are customizable and can often times be configured in a variety of different ways, allowing you to match your windows to your building’s unique characteristics. The exterior windows may do a great job in attracting new tenants to your building, but the interior windows are going to be a massive help in keeping them coming back. 

Amenity Spaces

Amenity spaces in multifamily buildings are becoming more and more extravagant with each new development. The goal of the owner and architect is to attract and maintain as many tenants as possible. “The bar’s being raised higher and higher on these communal amenities,” Bill Greene says, senior design manager for Atlanta-based Wood Partners. For 25 years, Greene has been helping add design amenities to apartments. “Millennials expect them. Besides them wanting to live close to work, they expect every amenity you could probably find in a single-family suburban market, but all in one area.” Many owners know that tenants will tour multiple properties in today’s marketplace. They want an amenity that the prospective tenant will remember, bringing them back. For more apartment building renovation ideas, click here.

The Trend Toward Steel

As you may have noticed, more and more commercial and multifamily buildings are installing steel frames for their interior glazing systems. There are many reasons for this. First, steel structures are extremely sturdy, allowing the system to have very narrow sight lines. This provides a very clean and modern look. At the same time, some architects and owners are using the steel systems as period pieces for their historical adaptations of existing multifamily buildings. Ultimately, steel glazing systems are trending due to their visual attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. Steel frames are available in an array of different finishes, sizes and profiles from a variety of top manufacturers, including Hope’s, Crittall Windows, and The French Steel Company. These steel systems are easily customizable with lots of flexibility in design. 

Interior Glass Walls and Moveable Interior Partitions

Having an amenity space with moveable glass partitions seems a bit futuristic, but it is being used in the majority of new multifamily properties. Glass systems today do way more than slide—they pivot, fold, tilt and turn. From a foldable wall system used to open up the inside space to penthouse terrace pool, to a sliding glass wall system used to partition off the leasing area during off-hours. These systems allow designers to maximize functionality of the space, while maintaining a clean and open design. The flexibility of the interior glass walls and moveable partitions is being used in new and unique ways with nearly every multifamily project.

Several of Aeroseal’s most popular interior speciality products are the PK-30 system, Hufcor and the Nanawall system. The PK-30 system is a meticulously designed aluminum glazing framework that provides a flexible and cost-effective way to divide space in a commercial building. You can find more on commercial aluminum windows here. These systems can be used for a variety of configurations, including sliding doors, hinged doors, pocket doors, folding walls, and fixed panels. The Nanawall system, on the other hand, are glass partitions that can take form in virtually any way while providing stunning views, advanced climate control, and exceptional sound protection. These walls can be used for either creating new rooms or enclosing complex openings. The options for Nanawall include folding and sliding glass walls. 

Feature Walls

Many of the newly constructed multifamily buildings in urban settings are starting to include feature walls.  These feature walls can include elaborate glass designs using Art Glass from companies like Pulp Studios, Bendheim Glass and McGrory.  Architects are able to create large mosaics, allowing them to tie together multiple spaces in the building, or to create a show-stopper piece in the lobby to attract new tenants. 

In addition to Art Glass, architects and designers are utilizing 3Form panels to decorate and separate the buildings common areas.  3Form panels are an acrylic panel offering hundreds of design options and applications. Architects are demanding multi-faceted materials that are beautiful and functional, which 3Form can provide. For more on recent commercial window technology, click here.

Bottom Line

Updating your property’s interior glass and glazing is a great way to revitalize your property. Through customization, you are able to match your glass to your building’s personality and create your desired environment. Installing a beautiful new feature wall or moveable steel partition can help you achieve the look you want for your property, while keeping your tenants happy. 

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