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New technologies in Commercial Windows have helped make office buildings more energy efficient.

Top 5 Recent Technologies for Commercial Windows

Commercial window technology has evolved significantly in the last 100 years. Long since have we abandoned single-pane windows. Today, commercial builders are utilizing double- and triple-glazed windows with low-E coatings and smart shading systems. The result: Commercial properties are more efficient than ever. So which commercial property technology innovations have pushed the boundaries of window […]

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Understanding Window R-Values

When researching replacement windows, you’ve likely stumbled across two terms relating to energy efficiency: R-value and U-value. Both terms are used in the construction industry to define the energy efficiency of a given material, but there are key differences that can be confusing to understand. Choosing the most efficient windows starts with understanding the differences […]

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Understanding U-Value and R-Value

Today’s commercial windows are described using industry jargon – U-value, Low-E, SHGC, and R-value. All of these terms can get confusing and make the process of selecting windows and doors more difficult. You probably have questions: for starters, what do these terms mean? And how do they relate to the window’s efficiency rating? Understanding today’s […]